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Deals for today:CVS, Publix & Kroger

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I have one child at Cub Scout day camp this week, so with the other three in tow we tackled a few deals today. We ran into Publix for a couple of BOGO deals, one really great one in particular. This week they have Barilla pasta BOGO and I had collected 4 coupons for $.50 off two boxes of pasta. So, I bought 8 boxes (whole grain spaghetti, elbows, and bowtie) and got to apply the coupons toward each, so I ended up paying less than $.10 per box!

Kroger has small blocks of cheese at 3 for $5.00, that$1.66 each. That’s a really good price for around here. I usually buy cheese for $1.89 at Aldi, so I was excited about this deal. They also have Oscar Mayer beef hot dogs BOGO. I had 2 $.5o off coupons and applied both to this deal. So I got both packs for $2.00.

We also went into CVS.

I purchased:

2 Colgate toothpastes    $2.99 each

2 Glade air sprays          $.99 each

1 Aussie shampoo          $2.99

1 Palmolive dish soap      $.88

1 Band-aid ultra strips     $4.49

1 CVS cotton swabs        $3.19

3 Gold Emblem candy       $.88 each

Total  $22.15

coupons used:

1 $3/15

2 $1.50 off Colgate

1 BOGO Glade spray .99

1 $.25 off Palmolive

1 $1.00 off Band-aid (mfc)

1 $1.00 off Band-aid (CVS coup from scanner)

Used 10 ECBs

total after $3.38

I had $2.72 left on gift card so OOP was .66! And I got 9 ECBs back!

That was so fun! I am really starting to get a stock pile out in the garage!

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CVS quick trip

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Last month I received an email coupon that gives a $25 store gift card when you transfer a prescription. This is great, plus the CVS I frequent most is closer than the Kroger where I have been filling scripts and it is on the route for Jim after work. So, he can easily stop and pick up prescriptions for me if needed. Today I transferred my prescription and got the gift card! I turned around and bought 2 big packs of toilet paper because I can never seem to keep enough at home. I also got Almay mascara which gives 5 ECBs this week and a double pack of G.U.M. kids toothbrushes which gives 1 ECB. I used a $3/15 stor coupon and an Almay $1 off coupon. My total was $22 and some change. So, that was fun and free! I probably could have figured out a better deal to earn more ECBs, but I really needed to stock up on some tp! Those two packs may last us 2 weeks! I think I need to do a little re-training around here on how much to use per visit to the bathroom.

I also ran into Publix just to grab 5 of their BOGO deals this week. They still had Sunday papers too, so I got one since I forgot to get one on Sunday. The paper is a double pack this week for only $.50 more, so I am excited to gain some multiples on coupons this week!

The quick store visits were fun and encouraging today. I will go to Aldi and probably Wal-mart tomorrow to complete this week’s shopping. I love Aldi and the kids get a kick out of putting the quarter in the cart!

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CVS-ing trips

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Today I made three transaction at two different CVS stores in my area. Yesterday I made one. My kids are getting a little tired of visiting every CVS around! I had been searching for Oral B toothbrushes last week at local stores and could not find them anywhere. Yesterday I met Mom half way between our homes to get the two older kids back and send number 3 back home with her. So, we were in a little town near the state line and I saw a CVS down the road. I was hopeful that there are not too many CVSers in this town and ran in to see if they had the toothbrushes. They did! I was very excited, I needed the ECBs from that transaction to make more deals this week. So today I ended up with three bags of stuff for about $3.75. I could have saved almost $1.85 more, but I made 2 errors when checking out because I was a little distracted by kids with me! Anyway, I ended up with:

1 Listerine mouthwash for kids

2 Revlon eye shadows

1 deodorant for men

1 Dove body wash

1 CVS emerald body wash

3 Nivea shave gels for men

1 Huggies body wash

2 Dove shampoos

1 Jumbo pack of Huggies wipes

1 4 pack of Ivory soap

1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste

3 bags Golden Emblem candy

1 movie size box Jr. Mints

I think I paid almost $4 Out of pocket

And I now only have $6 ECBS for next time.

Hubs thinks I am nuts, but he will be glad to not run out of shave gel anytime soon! Plus, I am stocking up things that we will use or can give away as needed. It is fun to have a hobby that actually saves money! If I get pictures working soon, I will post my deals from today.

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ER visit #1

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Well, amazingly we have never been to the ER with injuries with our kids. And we have 3 boys in our home! But tonight #4 was trying out some fancy steps with a cup on his Croc and bit the dust, splitting his lip. We debated over taking him because it was really questionable if he needed stitches or not. We made a call to one of the sis-in-laws who has had a lip injury at her house and after hearing the details she said to take him in. So 3 1/2 hours later we have arrived home with 3 “spikeys” on his lip. And you know what? He was the best 2 year old, almost three year old in the world! He did not utter one cry or complaint as they stitched him up! The nurse was awesome and so was the she doctor. I know that helped because he is a big momma’s boy and appreciated so many moms in the room! And after they had finished and were getting our papers, he reached up and pulled the first stitch right out! So, back they come and re-stitch his lip! The Dr. said she must have snipped the knot when she trimmed the final stitch. Fortunately, #1 and #2 kids are at Mimi & Papa’s house, so we only had two little guys hanging out in the ER tonight! I have some before stitches and after pics to post later. Obviously I have lots of work to do on this blog, so I will get some pictures when I can.

Nighty night

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