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Well I have one down with a fever this week. He is just lying around, barely eating, but not complaining one bit. He is my calm docile one. I hate he is ill though. We have a great opportunity to spend time with some missionaries home on furlough. in 2006 and 2007 my husband spent two weeks in Manilla Philippines with a few other men helping some great people. This was a tech trip, guys who work on computers. They helped at a radio station, at a school for the blind, at an orphanage and at Faith Academy, the city’s private school for Missionary kids. He was not able to go this year, but the family they worked with the most is here in our state for dinner tonight! I really wish all my kids could go and be blessed by this family! Jim plans to go ahead and take the girl (almost 7) with him. I think she will enjoy the time with dad and meeting this special family.

On another note, I experimented with some new to me wheat yesterday. I usually use Winter White, but I was given alot of Red Turkey Wheat recently. My husbands family keeps a years worth of food storage per church instructions and my in-laws are getting ready to move. They really needed to downsize so I was given quite a bit of wheat from the basement. This wheat is really old though. My sis-in-law has been using it for awhile now and they still seem healthy so I am using it too. Get this, the wheat was canned in 1973!  It’s less than a year older than me!  But wheat has a very long shelf life if packaged correctly, so we are eating it! The kids ate it for lunch yesterday and today and enjoyed it. I did mix it half and half with regular bread flour because Red wheat is not as mild as white. It came out fluffly and delicious. Oh and he also gave me a whole box full of bakers grade honey! No telling how old it is!


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